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A lightweight stacking chair with all the qualities and comfort as one of our fixed chairs. 



A derivative of our luxury Portobello Stacking Chair, the Aldgate Chair is an everyday alternative designed for venue’s seeking a cost-effective premium product. Aldgate is available in three standard wood stain colours as armed or armless units, and comes in a range of fabric colours.

The Aldgate can be stacked up to 6-high and can be used either freestanding or linked together to form rows. 

Our three-way linking brackets can allow for chairs to be set out in multiple layouts and to multiple fixing locations. For armed units, when linked into rows, every other chair will be situated with arms for the shared-arm feel between patrons. 

Like our other stacking chairs, Aldgate can be safely moved by one-to-two persons using a specially designed sack barrow to the storage area. The seat cushions are removable to make stacking the frames easier whilst minimising damage to the seat foam. 

The Aldgate Chair has the best comfort and style fit for any budget. 

Robust design

A Compact & Lightweight Design Specially Made with the Most Robust Finishes.

Stacking chair

Specifically Made to Stack up to 6-high with Custom-Made Trolley.


Aldgate can be Used as a Freestanding Chair or Joined Together in Rows by Secure 3-way Linking Brackets.

built-in comfort

Much Like our Fixed Auditoria Seats, this Chair Benefits from ProBax Comfort Foam.

What makes an Aldgate

Key features

best suited for


Multi-functional chairS fit for any venue

St. Ann's warehouse, nyc

case example: st. ann's warehouse

removable chairs reimagined
The Portobello range was originally designed for St. Ann’s Warehouse in Brooklyn, USA.

Our brief was to design a stacking chair that has the same level of comfort and similar design as a chair we had made for The Courtyard Theatre in Stratford-upon-Avon. When scouting for seating inspiration, the head of the project flew out from the USA to tour UK theatres. When they visited the Courtyard Theatre, they fell in love with our chairs and were adamant they were the ones they wanted – So we set about making a stackable version.

Firstly, we had to concentrate on the design and functionality of the frame. The key design features the chairs had to incorporate are: stably stacked during storage, easily transportable from the auditorium to storage space by one person, and, lastly, the chairs needed connect to the riser and each other by a simple release system. Both aspects had to be quick and easy so the chair layout could be adjusted as efficiently as possible. At their core, Portobello are freestanding and can be used as ‘loose’ chairs. St. Ann’s wanted a very natural-meets-raw industrial look and feel to the chair. They opted for a clear lacquer on the frame to emphasise the welding and manufacturing marks. The formed ply back was clear lacquered again to show the quality of the wood and continue the natural meets industrial theme.

We also built recesses in the rear and front faces of the ply back for sponsor plaques and seat numbers. The plaques and numbers had to be interchangeable for when different auditorium layouts are used. A magnetic system and miniature plunger mean the numbers can be easily and quickly changed.

Portobello became our most functional chair multiple auditorium formats, as St Ann’s Warehouse regularly changes the seating layout to give more of an intimate experience between the actors and the audience. After a year of design and development, we had produced an extremely comfortable, fully-functional stacking chair.

Portobello in action

some other places we've installed