Kirwin & Simpson Seating

Pullman Cinema

A premium product to enhance the customer experience where only the best is good enough.

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With cinemas increasingly looking for new ways to combat the home entertainment revolution, improving the comfort of customers has become a recognised means of enticing more people to visit cinemas. Pullman seating is the chief means of giving customers more leg room, better lumbar support and better fields of vision.

For premium seating to be truly effective, therefore, a number of factors need to be considered when designing and installing it, particularly forward vision and legroom. Both require the ability to design to particular auditorium requirements to reconcile the need for customer comfort and revenue.

Pullman seating by Kirwin & Simpson is a premium product to enhance customer experience


It goes without saying, also, that the seating itself needs to exhibit first class workmanship and durability in order to achieve the desired goals of durability and value for money. The Regal Cinema pullman seating (shown here) was designed to provide a visible upgrade to the main seating:

‘We approached Kirwin & Simpson in January of 2012 with a requirement for a modest number of cinema seats in standard and luxury format – we knew what we wanted but needed a manufacturer who could cater for our individual requirements, produce our bespoke design, meet our very tight deadline and work with our limited budget. We had tried other UK and European producers but none was able to offer exactly what we needed for our boutique cinema. We were delighted with the way K&S responded from the very first contact – they helped us achieve exactly what we had in mind, without compromise, within budget and on time. The whole team worked hard to achieve this and we look forward to working with them again.’
Regal Cinema Melton Mowbray – Tony Mundin