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Traditional polished hardwood-backed chairs with modern comforts.

original design, modern comforts

traditional chairs Fitted with wide seats for any venue

The chair features a hardwood-framed back that is constructed in the same way as traditional backs. 

This style is designed to compliment and be customised to suit the era of the venue. It can include cast iron, intermediate, or box steel standards.

The original metalwork from the early 1900’s offered a lower seat height than modern day chairs. We are able to change the dimensions of the cast to keep the same design features as the original chair style but built with the highest levels of comfort found in our contemporary chairs.

Intermediate box steel standards are a great affordable option, offering excellent durability. We are able to build a near-replica of current chairs using our in-house technology.


Traditionally Constructed Hardwood Back Made to Compliment the Era of the Venue.

Custom end Casting

We Use 3D Printed Resin Cast Moulds to Customise and Reflect Venue Uniqueness.

High End luxury

Our Ability to Adjust Dimensions while Keeping with Heritage Design Aesthetics mean we can Offer Wider Seats..

Unique Top Profile

The Top Edge Profile of our Seats can be Made to Any Specification, with an Option to Recess Number Plates.

What makes an oxford

Key features

best suited for

Hudson theatre nyc

case example: hudson theatre, nyc

widest seats on broadway

During the Hudson layout development we were able to include a high proportion of 23″ centre chairs, which are some of the widest chairs on Broadway now.

The end casting is a custom design that carries the hexagonal motif of the theatre. We developed the panel design from the plaster detailing uncovered in the auditorium during the renovation. It’s a unique touch that also carries into the hexagonal shape of their custom number plates.

The seat features patented ProBax Seat Foam Technology to increase posture and comfort. There are different levels of foam toppers to further tailor the comfort for the client.

There is an option of cast intermediate standards, steel section or laser cut. These all offer great benefits.

oxford in action

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