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Removable chair units…


The design principle behind our removable system is that it allows the chairs to be securely fastened down to the floor and then quickly and easily removed to leave a flush floor finish when required.

The floor plates can be recessed into effectively any floor type and therefore leave a flush surface on the floor. On the bottom of the removable chair unit there are keyhole slots that allow the units to drop onto the bolts in the plates then slide forward and be secured down firmly to the floor. The bolts can then be unbolted, the bolt stays in the plate and then the unit is easily lifted off and stored.

  Quick and easy removable chair designed and manufactured by Kirwin & Simpson Removable auditorium seating by Kirwin & Simpson Removable auditorium seating by Kirwin & Simpson

…to add or remove seating as required.

The bolts are countersunk and wound back into the floor plate sealing the floor and leaving a completely flush surface. By not removing the bolts, there is no chance of cross-threading the fixings.

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Removable auditorium seating by Kirwin & Simpson