Usher Seats

Usher Seats

Designed to match, built to last

Kirwin & Simpson have extensive experience of creating accessories to match existing environments, but few need to be as carefully designed and built as usher seats

The primary requirements of an usher seat is that it is safe, unobtrusive, durable and relatively easy to install and remove. Heavy duty castings, finished and treated to match the décor, ensure maximum durability and stability, while traditional upholstering techniques provide the quality feel and make refurbishment a simple process.

A traditional usher seat, designed, manufactured and installed by Kirwin & Simpson

…hand made for quality & versatility…

The use of traditional upholstering materials and techniques enables us to quickly and easily change and refurbish usher seating of all shapes and sizes, in our workshops or on site.

These are our most popular types of Usher Seats, they can be quickly and easily fitted to most floors.
 Enhanced Sprung Usher Seat Freestanding Usher Seat Heritage Style Usher Seat