Kirwin & Simpson Seating

Uncomfortable seats with insufficient leg room may soon be a thing of the past for theatre and cinema goers around the UK, as ATG (Associated Theatre Group) is replacing all 40,000 of its seats with ones which, it says, will stop people fidgeting.

London’s Fortune Theatre seating has just been refurbished by Kirwin & Simpson and is the first to have the new Probax ergonomic seating fitted. It is claimed that the new style of seating prevents slumping by keeping the spine straight and also increases legroom as a result. This in turn reduces backache, fidgeting and the tendency to nod off.

As always, time will tell whether there are substantial improvements in customer comfort to be had, but K&S will continue to be in the forefront of any innovations which enhance the theatregoers’ experience.

Other venues in the UK including the West End’s Savoy Theatre and the Edinburgh Playhouse are set to follow.