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making the most creative requirements

We work closely with our clients to produce the most unique seating for their venue

Our philosophy is that we do not try to offer a ‘standard’ part and then try to make it fit the building. We always try to interpret the customer’s requirements and produce a solution that is sympathetic to the style of the surroundings.

A major factor is our ability to extend our repertoire to design and match new fixtures, fittings and furniture to existing heritage interiors, something we have been doing successfully for over 70 years. Every chair that comes through our workshop have individual features, specially tailored to each venue aesthetic and manufactured with a custom finish.  

We know most situations involve a compromise between capacity and legroom, comfort and durability, cost and maintenance ability. We always seek to guide the client through a range of options so that they are happy with the solution that best fits their requirements, as well as conforming to the appropriate regulations.

All of our seating can be made removable, allowing the chairs to be securely fastened down to the floor, then quickly and easily removed to leave a flush floor finish. 

Our floor plates can be recessed into nearly every floor type. The bottom of the chair units have keyhole slots that allow the units to drop onto the bolts and plates then slide forward to secure firmly to the floor. 

The countersunk and wound bolts can then be loosened, keeping in the unit plate to be easily lifted off and stored. By not completely removing the bolts from the fixture there is no chance of cross-threading the fixings.


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Original Casting

We use a 3D printed resin cast mold in combination with original casting standards.

Downing Custom Art Deco Theatre Seats with embroidered row letters by Kirwin & Simpson Seating for the London Apollo Victoria Theatre

Feat 2

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what makes a downing

What makes a downing

Key features

best suited for

Apollo Victoria

case example: the apollo victoria

using innovation to remaster

We recreated the cast iron metalwork through a lengthy process involving 3D printing, traditional pattern making and cutting edge drawing packages, to remaster this design from an original 1927 cast iron standard.

The Moquette fabric was specially designed using text and black & white photos from press releases in the late 1920s. During the renovation we discovered a piece of the original fabric in a wall covering and the fabric was near perfect match, much to everyone’s delight.

our most creative products

We have a varied portfolio of Venue Stylings and Ranges from custom benches to freestanding and vsoe rail car chairs

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