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Recycling has always been part of our ethos. In 1945, when the UK’s Bernard Simpson found himself with surplus supplies of canvas WW2 GI-parachute bags, little did he know that they would lead to a global business that still bears his name 75 years later.

At Kirwin & Simpson we are very conscious of our environmental footprint and are always pursuing new ways to reduce it. As legacy leavers, we strive to minimise any detrimental effect on the environment that would impact the next generation. All the waste produced at our factory is sorted so it can be reused or recycled, with minimal amounts ending up in landfill.

As part of our new seating package we can remove and environmentally dispose of your old chairs. Please contact us so we can programme this service in for you.

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At Kirwin and Simpson we are very aware of our impact on the environment; and our influence on it. 

We are very careful where we source our parts from, with timber being our greatest concern. All our timber comes from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) or PEFC (Pan European Forestry Certified) suppliers so we can guarantee you the best possible peace of mind.

We also remove all waste from site for recycling and or reuse. 

Our components are delivered in reusable pallet boxes with Cell-Aire© polythene packaging foams, a reusable and recyclable packing option. 

Any spare fabric are donated to Arts Colleges and overseas, while salvageable foam are incorporated into our ProBax comfort foams.

All our vehicles qualify for Ultra Low Emission Vehicle (ULEV) status. In 2020 we’ve upgraded our factory heating systems to an energy Class A air-to-air heat exchange ventilation system; where 86% of the energy in the extracted air is recovered and recycled.

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