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Our Carnaby Range offers a combination of luxury and versatility, designed for an ever-changing venue.

contemporary style

Made to be removed

Our Carnaby chair features contemporary styling, using laser cut metalwork and a range of different wood finishes. 

It benefits from a narrow ‘envelope’, allowing the maximum occupant potential for any auditorium. This chair is best for ever-changing venues with multiple seating layouts. This is because it allows producers the most flexibility without compromising seat comfort or aesthetics. 

Carnaby is fully customisable with interchangeable upholstered back pads and polished outer boards with different widths of show-wood around the face available. Custom number sizes and shapes are used in either the back or seat pad. 

Kirwin & Simpson offer a variety of different seat base thicknesses to choose from, and we are able to fully replicate the look, style or character of the auditorium seating while bringing it up to modern standards of comfort and build. The flexibility and versatility of this range can meet a breadth of requirements.

There are also a host of different floor fixing methods allowing this chair to easily switch between auditorium layouts. 

Carnaby is optimised to be removable whilst the fixed seating variants ensure continuity of design throughout the varying chair types in the auditorium. There are several unique floor fixing methods which ensure this chair meets the brief and auditorium function.


Contemporary Styling with Custom Metalwork Profiling.


Multiple Floor-Fixing Systems Makes Removals Easy and Leaves a Flush Floor Finish.

Compact Envelope

Maximises Venue Capacity without Compromising on Patron Comfort.

Magnetic Numbers

Quick and Easy Numbering for Chair Reconfiguration.

What makes a Carnaby

Key features

best suited for

Liverpool everyman theatre

case example: liverpool everyman theatre

built for diversity

The new Everyman, designed by architects Haworth Tompkins and consultants Charcoalblue, was to include a new 400-chair theatre with the ability to fully support the Everyman’s diverse programme as well as being a conventional entertainment venue.

As always, the brief was to retain the look, style and character of the original auditorium seating, but bring it up to modern standards of comfort and build in the flexibility and versatility required to meet a wide range of new and exacting requirements.

Because of the need to be able to change the auditorium layout quickly and easily, the chairs conform to a uniform size and footprint, making them fully interchangeable. Even the specially designed high chairs in the back row can be easily moved and re-fixed using a special floor fixing system designed and manufactured by Kirwin & Simpson.

One of the more unusual features of the seating in the Everyman Theatre is that the seats were upholstered with the fabric ‘upside down’ to create a more ‘lived in’ look, just one of a number of measures designed to give the auditorium a welcoming but contemporary look and feel.

carnaby in action

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