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The Fleet Range is our premier chair. Offering a contemporary styling, excellent comfort, and durability for 30+ years.

Comfortable. Practical. Stylish.

The Standard of Excellence

The Fleet chair is one of the first chairs Kirwin & Simpson ever created. It offers excellent comfort, durability, versatile aesthetics, and affordability to match most budgets.  

This range is the perfect platform to start your custom specification from. Most of the features from our other ranges are available to add into the specification for a truly unique seat. 

A Fleet seat tips using a counterweighted mechanism and nylon bushes that reduce noise and maintain a smooth tipping motion. The backs can be easily swapped over without damaging the fixing location. This unit is easy to maintain and we offer an online maintenance service that allows you to easily and accurately order spare components. 

We use our long-standing supply chain to source the best quality materials at affordable prices. We are also the leaders in seat comfort. Kirwin & Simpson are the sole global licensee of ProBax Seat Foam Technology for auditoria seats, available on every one of our chairs. 

Versatile Design

The options on this Range can be tailored to fit in a heritage auditorium or a contemporary one.

Built to last

Like all of our chairs, Fleet stands up to the rigorous demands of any venue.


Durable and Discreet Metalwork with Laser Cut Brackets and Self-Contained Anti Finger Trap Mechanisms.

ProBax comfort

Our Worldwide, exclusively licensed, ProBax Seat Foam Technology is available on all our chairs.

What makes a fleet

Key features

best suited for

Ashcroft theatre, Croydon UK

case example: Ashcroft theatre

quick and efficient service

We designed and built 750 new Fleet Range Chairs for the Ashcroft Auditorium at Fairfield Halls as part of a grand renovation project. BH Live instructed us to design and manufacture to a very tight schedule of 10 weeks. 

The Fairfield Halls date back to 1962 and a £42M renovation began in 2016. We were contracted to design and build seats for the 750-seated Ashcroft Theatre. For the 1,800-seater Concert Hall, we repaired and reinstalled existing seats, and fitted the space with custom benches, refurbished seats, and 200 new Carnaby Range chairs. 

These variations of Fleet were made with a grey Madison velour from Sunbury Design fabrics with wooden elements stained in a complimentary shade. Installation took place over 4 days and we worked to a very tight production schedule to meet the installation window. 

fleet in action

some other places we've installed