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Advanced probax comfort technology

The new seating system designed to dramatically improve posture, and offer a greater comfort to improve patron concentration levels.

We have always taken the comfort of our patrons as our highest priority. Therefore we are delighted to be associated with ProBax®, offering their technology in all our auditorium chairs. Kirwin & Simpson are the only seating company licensed by ProBax® to install their foam technology in auditorium seating inside the M25.

ProBax® is a dual foaming system incorporated inside seat cushions. Inserts are placed within seat bases leading to dramatically improved posture and greater comfort levels. ProBax® works with any foam seat – new or refurbished – without altering the seat’s appearance.

Incorporating new ProBax® technology into our seats supports the pelvis and allows the spine to adopt its natural ‘s’ shaped position. Clinically proven to enhance blood flow through the lower limbs of the body by reducing the degree of constriction in blood vessels, ProBax dramatically improves comfort and maintains the correct posture for longer.

Research has suggested that improved posture and enhanced blood flow can improve concentration levels and encourage social interaction instead of slouching with an eye line towards the floor. By reducing fidgeting and movement the durable life of ProBax® cushions is increased by up to 25%. Also, the seat user gets a greater feeling of space in a ProBax® seat.

Additional lumbar support provided by Probax seating


In 2012, ProBax® entered auditorium seating as the UK’s Ambassador Theatre Group (ATG) installed ProBax® seats in its Fortune Theatre.

“The dramatic increase in comfort was worth it for our customers,” David Blyth, of ATG – installing ProBax® across all its venues.
The Fortune Theatre's Probax seating provides extra comfort for customers


ProBax® can be found in theatres in London’s West End, across Europe and Asia and from Broadway to the West Coast of America. Independent cinemas as well as some leading chains including Odeon / UCI in Europe, Golden Village Cinemas in Asia and others across North and South America are opting for ProBax® seats via their current suppliers.

Education establishments, sorting arenas and corporate training centres such as IBM’s London facility are also choosing ProBax® where improved concentration levels are an added bonus.

If you’d like to find out more about Probax, click here to visit their website.


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