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An extension of our removable Carnaby range, with versatile pivot pedestal stand.  

remove - pivot - slide

With a 25° twist rotation built into the fixed plate

The Vine Range is an extension of our Carnaby chair with one distinctive feature – a pedestal unit. Optimised with unique floor fixing methods, this range gives the greatest flexibility with seating and stage formats.

Best suited for multi-format auditoria, Vine is packed with many features. This includes unique ‘hugging arms’ that taper into the back to help the chair pivot to different predetermined viewing angles. Custom magnetic seat numbers also allow for ease when reinstalling the chairs or changing layouts. 

Vine is fully customisable. We use laser-cut metalwork and a range of different wood finishes to keep the features contemporary in styling. The flexibility and versatility of this range can meet a breadth of requirements. We offer a variety of different seat base thicknesses, and are able to fully replicate the look, style or character of most auditorium seating with modern standards of comfort and build. 

Like our other ranges, Vine benefits from a narrow envelope, allowing the maximum occupant potential for any auditorium. The units can be made retractable and in accordance with telescopic chair designs. 

Versatile Design

Contemporary to Fit Flexible Spaces, though we can build to fit any style venue.


Multiple Floor-Fixing Systems Makes Removals Easy and Leaves a Flush Floor Finish.

Pivot Setting

Pedestal Unit with Key Hole Pivot Settings for Multiformat Seating Layouts.

distinct fabrics

Contrasting Fabrics Offer Even More Opportunities to Create a Truly Unique Look and Feel.

What makes a Vine

Key features

best suited for

bridge theatre, london

case example: the BRIDGE THEATRE

cutting-edge rotation design

The Bridge Theatre is London’s first new commercial theatre of scale in four decades. The 900-seat theatre is the flagship home of the London Theatre Company and was Winner of Theatre Building of the Year in The Stage Awards 2018. The auditorium is designed to answer the needs of contemporary audiences and theatre-makers with a multi-use format.

Vine chairs were created specially for this project. Architects Haworth Tompkins developed the cutting-edge design in collaboration with the client. They required a product that was comfortable, practical and stylish.

This included the most unusual feature of being able to twist the chair through 25° without removing from the fixing plate; effectively creating an entirely new seating position from the same fixed starting point.

The seats were made with a variety of different back heights to accommodate sightlines and the leather capping to both seat backs and arms, whilst providing a practical boost to wear and tear.

The unique design of Vine gives The Bridge a unique point of view – the stage edge is only 52ft from the furthest seat. UK Theatre Press have claimed the venue is “something terrific, both utilitarian yet glamorous, which puts the audience first in every sense”.

vine in action

some other places we've installed