Stacking Chairs

St Ann’s Warehouse, Brooklyn, New York City

Stacking chairs for St Ann’s Warehouse, Brooklyn, New York City, by Kirwin & Simpson


We were approached by Charcoalblue Theatre Consultants to design a stacking chair that was free-standing but had the same levels of comfort as one of our standard fixed chairs. The client had previously visited The Courtyard Theatre in Stratford-upon-Avon and fell in love with the chairs we had made there.

With this brief we created a hybrid theatre/stacking chair which has turned out to be a very comfortable, versatile and unique chair. Originally specified with an arm, we produced a prototype that had a unique folding arm, so allowing it to stack. However due to spacial considerations, the client decided to go without arms and the chair has gone into production, ready to ship out this summer.


The key design characteristics are as follows:

• Exceptional comfort (including ‘ProBax‘ foam technology)

• Stacking system with trolley for ease of movement

• Linking brackets that securely link the chairs together and to the deck system

• Robust design, hard-wearing fabric with a massive amount of choice, and finishes

• Removable numbers for labelling seating positions

• Sponsor name plaques