Sneak Peek at the Newly Restored Trafalgar Theatre

Sneak Peek at the Newly Restored Trafalgar Theatre

Trafalgar Entertainment just released the first post-restoration images of the new Grade II listed Trafalgar Theatre. The major multi-million pound project reinstated the theatre back to its original 1930’s design, some of which has not been seen for over 90 years.

The new Trafalgar Theatre, London

Kirwin & Simpson fitted the auditorium with 630 brand new seats specially designed with audience comfort in mind. Alongside the auditorium, there is an enhanced guest experience including a new look stalls bar, new spacious foyer and improvements to the toilets, including installing more ladies toilets.

Custom art deco seat design for Trafalgar Theatre (London, UK) by Kirwin & Simpson. Gif has 4 arrows pointing to 4 key features. 1. to the custom patterned fabric reminiscent of the original 1930's design, 2. built-in menu and programme holder to the wooden back. 3. Custom end panel bronze waymarking. and 4. ProBax Advanced comfort foam technology in seat.
Custom art deco seat design for Trafalgar Theatre (London, UK) by Kirwin & Simpson.

Within the auditorium, the newly restored decoration and lighting is black with silver, bronze and gold metallic hints, reflective of the original interior’s colour palette. Using historical photographs as a reference the auditorium carpet and seating fabric replicate the original designs patterns, with greens, creams and yellows to contrast against the monochrome walls. The Balcony front – that had been carefully stored away for a number of years when the theatre was two studio spaces – has been beautifully restored and refitted to spectacular effect, along with the grand ceiling and proscenium arch.

“The restoration carried out by Foster Wilson Size is a great reset for the theatre and a new beginning for everyone. By returning the theatre to its former glory we are honouring its history as we continue to share stories on its stage.”
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