Rester Rails & Box Front Reupholstery

The finishing touches that make the difference

Rester rails and box fronts are surprising high profile elements in a theatre, with the box fronts in particular being visible from almost every point in the auditorium. The rester rails will also receive a lot of wear and tear from elbows, drinks and whatever else may placed on them, so high levels of durability are required, together with low maintenance requirements.

In other words, they need to look good and stay looking good with a minimum of cleaning and repairing for as long as possible. Having been in the business for almost 70 years, we know what stays looking good and what doesn’t. We start by stripping the existing rails and box fronts so they can be fitted with new foam. Then our experienced team reupholsters the piece with new fabric matching, and in some cases exactly identical, to the rest of the theatre.

Rester rails and box fronts at the Prince Edward Theatre, London

The re-fitting of the Prince Edward Theatre in London’s West End (photo above) required a particularly sumptuous look for the very high quality box seating, rails and surrounds to maintain the feeling of elegance.

Rester rails and box fronts in London's theatre land by Kirwin & Simpson